16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS
16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS
16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS
16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS
16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS
16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS
16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS

    16 | 'Bright Future Funds' by CSDS

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      If you donate to this Impact Project, you can get the corresponding Impact Bead for you to wear!  

      Every Impact Project is associated to a bead, each bead you buy is therefore a direct monetary contribution for the development of that project. When you make a donation, you can either chose between getting the virtual bead or the physical bead. The virtual bead is an online certificate you will receive after the donation, attesting the amount donated and the project funded. The physical bead is an agate stone bead that will be shipped to your address and represents the donation. With the physical bead you obtain also the virtual certificate of donation. 

      Collecting Impact Beads show that you care, and have donated for a meaningful cause!

      The Impact Beads can be bough together with our Impact Porters, that are designed specifically for wearing the Impact Beads as beautiful and timeless jewellery and accessory.

      Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization, focusing on youth development, community development and international volunteer exchange. CSDS is addressing development issues in Vietnam with particular focuses on climate change for environment protection, women empowerment through sustainable livelihood support, children support through social inclusion, youth development through international exchange and non-formal education.

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      The Bright Future Fund project aims to heal the wound from US-Vietnam war in kids who are victims of Agent Orange by providing caring and support to mentally and physically disabled kids; and vocational trainings and coaching for war wounded kids to improve opportunities for them to find good job with decent income in the future. 

      10 kids will be supported to pursue e vocational trainings to help them secure a job in the future.

      30 kids will be provided care and support every week by the local volunteers and professionals.

      10 mute and deaf kids will be provided with support to learn sign language.

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      Stone material
      Natural Petazite

      Contributions and bead size
      25 - 9,5x7,5mm Ø 2,1mm w/ Impact Number engraved
      50 - 11,5x9mm Ø2,1mm w/ Impact Number engraved
      75 - 9,5x7,5mm Ø 2,1mm w/ Impact Number engraved IN GOLD
      100 - 11,5x9mm Ø2,1mm w/ Impact Number engraved IN GOLD
      This Impact Project is directly connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Learn more about the framework and goals in our UN SDGs section.

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      Delivery time EU Countries: 4-9 Business Days (STANDARD PostNord)

      Delivery time extra-EU Countries: 5-18 Business Days (STANDARD PostNord)

      Shipping fee (all countries): € 9,95

      Namely.Earth is committed to reduce and offset its CO2 emissions by employing FSC certified packaging.
      By selecting our "Virtual Impact Bead", you will contribute to a specific Impact Project without receiving the physical impact bead 'stone'. Alongside your order confirmation, you will be receiving a certificate with a code you can use to redeem your physical Impact Bead at any moment starting from January 2021.